Hands down the most chic in LA. Sabina is the most incredible curly hair snake charmer. I won't let anyone else cut my hair!! She is also very kind and a pleasure to be around.

-Leila N.

I popped into Ramirez Tran this weekend and got my hair cut by Sabina. It was the best hair cut of my life. After chatting just a couple minutes she completely understood  the vibe I was going for and my hair looks amazing.... I'm never going to let anyone else cut my hair again!

GO SEE Sabina she rocks them locks.

-Dave G

This review is for SABINA Y. She is the only person to cut my hair for the past 7 years. She's seen me through long layered locks and inspired me, with countless images and visuals, to make a big change to my hair and look 2 years ago. She has now given me my signature look that I will probably keep rocking for years and years to come. Sabina's cuts give me confidence and edge and all that cool factor I wish I had (she has it in spades).

-Whitney A

I am a fashion model and I was recently recommended to go to this salon by my model agent, at Wilhelmina models. I went to do color with Steven Garrison and hair cut with Sabina.

What an experience. Steven gave me so much attention, really listened to what I wanted and looked at what would suit my face. He was so patient and when he worked, it was such a specific procedure I had never heard of before. It was like watching an artist at work. I can't express how much I love my hair and highly recommend Steven Garrison as a colorist. 

Sabina was fantastic also. My hair was very straggly looking as I'm trying to grow it, and she really cleaned it up without taking any length off. She was really efficient yet artistic also.

What a bunch of talent. Very happy to have found this gem of a hair salon. Five stars.

-Rose L.

Sabina Yanonne is the real deal.  I've been a real plain jane when it comes to hair.  She spiced things up for me in a way that was comfortable for me!  She really listens to what you want, but if you say "Sabina, take the reigns tell me what I should do" she can really hook you up!  She has higher powers in the hair department, but I also just look forward to being around her kind calm energy and catching up with her. By the way, if you have curls you really shouldn't even think of going anywhere else.  She is known for the magic she works on curls, but she has done wonders for even my straight kinda limp hair.

-Emily F.

If you've got curls, Sabina Yannone is your girl. She's amazing. I wanted a bob and was terrified (I had hair to my shoulder blades) and she gave me the best cut ever and I've never looked back. She's in Austin part time these days and I wait until she's back because, honestly, she's THE best.

-Christina D.

Good god, I was an feral animal before my visit to Ramirez Tran Salon. Sabina, an ambulating alabaster statue of spme Charles Dana Gibson illustration, took magnificent care of me. She snipped and cut away my years in the desert and reformed me into something handsome and civilized. 

The building is unassuming but once you pass the threshold you enter a palace dedicated to style and beauty. The interior design is simple, clean and avoids being sterile. The white walls adorned with wood and championed beasts of the wild, such as a sizable crocodile. As a patron I was given a lavender robe to wear that gave me a sense of royalty, I was prepared to be fed grapes and fanned with palm leaves. The music was of a somber mood that relaxed my bones to the marrow as I was led around to my throne. As soon as I was sat Sabinacleansed the air with a piece of Palo Santo wood. I wasn't sure of how I was going to get my hair cut, or how to even translate my dreams of a better me. Sabina was patient and asked me few questions of how I normally do my hair. After the investigation she was quick to work. She was a skilled craftsman with her shears. Every hairdresser before this may as well of been taking wool from sheep, those barbarians. Her movement was confident, smooth and with an air of intelligence. The experience wasn't clinical like most salons. A haircut can change a person, I know that now. No more will I go blind into just any salon. 

Thank You Ramirez Tran and Thank you Sabina!

-William C.

Want a cut that will grow out PERFECTLY and give you roll outta bed fabulous locks? ASK FOR SABINA! She is a sorceress when it comes to trimming locks to absolute perfection.  The difference between mediocre run-of-the-mill cuts and a SUBLIME cut is something you deserve to experience. It's a high that will last for months!! She has an uncanny way of sensing your energy and personality and giving you a cut in line with your inner most being. Enjoy!

-Marisa Q.

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