Thank you for taking interest in my work. Here is some insight about my business...

Q. Do you have a salon you work out of?

A. No

Q. What do you charge?

A. Pricing starts at 250

Q. What do you charge for a "trim"

A. "Trimming" hair does not affect the amount of work it is for me. A trim requires the same attention, sectioning, process etc. Trim is a word describing the type of haircut you would like but even a "dusting" is a haircut. 

Q. How do I see you for a haircut?

A. Email is my preferred method of contact, please email me at SabinaYannone@gmail.com to schedule a one on one appointment with me. If you happen to have my personal cell number, please refrain from sharing it and direct your friend to e-mail me.

Q. Are you coming to New York?

A. I will, send me an email and I'll add you to my NYC mailer for the future. It’s going to happen, I swear.

Q. What's a home visit entail? 

A. This is a luxury service exported from the Beverly Hills hair salons I have worked at. I come to your home, the requirements are simple.

Here Is What We will need:

A regular height chair

An electrical outlet

Light to see

Room to move around the chair

Smooth, easy to sweep floor underneath

*If these requirements do not suit your living space I am comfortable meeting you at a friend/ partners home as well, I am solution oriented so there's always a way, feel free to ask!

Q. Did you get my email, (Text, DM, Tweet, Tag, Etc.) ?!

A.  Maybe I have not seen it yet. Please send me an e-mail, know I am just one person running my business which is, me. When you email me, you are addressing me, not an assistant or receptionist, please grant me patience.

Q. How should I refer you to my friend?

A. First, Thank you. Please pass them my instagram, website, or email. Refrain from sharing my personal cell phone number. I will lose track of anything other than emails. They are my preferred method of contact.

Q. I'm ______'s Friend, they refered me! Are you taking new clients?

A. Yes, but if you need someone like, literally, right now I may not be the one this time around. I am currently booking out a couple weeks in advance. 

Q. Hi, May I book a consultation?

A. At this time consultations can only be provided as a part of a full service appointment. This is due to scheduling, availability and limited accommodations.