Unless you grasp

the significance of hair,

you cannot know

the power instilled in it. -Don King, 1990

Texan and second generation hair stylist Sabina learned to follow guides in haircutting from an early age. Under her mother’s educator supervision, a “brave neighbor” permitted her first hands-on lesson at the age of 7. It was in her teen years when it became “a sort of party trick” that she started considering the hobby as a career path. Studying art, design, science, and psychology, she decided it was time to pursue a passion that encompassed all of these interests and enrolled in beauty school. Towards the end of her education she encountered a Beverly Hills stylist and her trajectory was set.

Since then Sabina has been in one top Beverly Hills salon or another. Beginning as a general assistant, she aided multiple celebrity stylists and colorists before taking a full-time position assisting a European style cutter for two years. Her personal career kicked into high gear working with international educators, trendsetters, and innovative drivers of the beauty industry. 

As one of the original staff at Ramirez Tran, she has worked alongside many prolific innovators including: directors, designers, musicians, painters, and photographers. Her work has been published online, in magazines, music videos, advertising, fine art photography, the red carpet, and film.

Sabina's specialty is working with natural textures and curl patterns. She is well versed in low maintenance, high impact hair. Her philosophy is that beauty never goes out of style and curls are never formulaic. She strives to empower her clientele to embrace their individuality. Working with what is natural, as opposed to resisting, teaches her clients ownership to gain power from their hair.

Her signature looks for curly clients include what she calls the “Puff Cut,” soft natural wave sets, and wild diffused curls. The “Puff Cut” is best illustrated on celebrity client Alia Shawkat who mentions her Stylist in an interview for Nylon Magazine and again in the New York Times.

Sabina Has worked with Daft Punk, Sophie Buhai, Mara Hoffman, J. Crew, Travelers Almanac, TBS, King World Entertainment, The New York Times, New York Magazine, Nylon Magazine, Glamour Magazine, Born Packed, and NOWNESS. She has worked with designers, artists, and celebrities such as Alia Shawkat, Vanessa Beecroft, Marc Maron, Kate Berlant, Stephanie Beatriz, Devendra Banhart, Julia Louie Dreyfus, Riley Keough, Lisa Marie Presley, Julian Casablancas, Juliette Lewis, Emily Blunt, Vera Wang, Zoe Lister Jones, Barbara Bach, May Andersen, and more.

Her work over time reflects the relationships she has with her clients, building a bond between the hair and Sabina that strengthens each visit. She views a lot of her work collaboratively but is decisive, basing hair shape on the entire body for best overall design for the indecisive client. “A good cut is based on a clients’ entire build. I always strive to make my cuts based on all proportions, taking every variable of my clients’ look and lifestyle to determine what is best.”

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